Balanced Body Massage and Yoga
Massage Therapy & Yoga in Moab,Utah

Services and Rates

Your skilled Therapist will work with you to customize a service that will meet your needs. All of the following techniques can be incorporated into any length of treatment:

60 minute service = $85

90 minute service = $127


Relaxing Swedish Massage-  Smooth flowing strokes with light to medium pressure. This modality will enhance relaxation and decrease stress.  

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage-  Medium to deep pressure techniques combined with trigger point therapy. This treatment will help release lactic acid and increase circulation. 

Pre-Natal Massage- For the mother-to-be, this massage will address the discomforts of pregnancy by improving circulation, and promoting relaxation.    

Clinical/Medical Massage-  Helpful for individuals with injuries, medical conditions, or who are experiencing chronic pain.

Oncology Massage-  A customized massage designed by you and your therapist, depending on your needs and desires.    

Lymphatic Drainage Massage-  A form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body.  

Hot Stone Massage- Utilizes smooth, heated river rocks with Swedish massage techniques.  Hot stones help to deeply relax the body and melt away the tensions of everyday stress.